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                Welcome to Nantong Mei Gao Mould Co., Ltd.!
                Our Advantage
                The company's team collects elite talents in the industry, has a group of outstanding professional designers and experienced mold makers; the company also has advanced mold manufacturing equipment......
                Company Profile
                Nantong Meigao Mould. Co. Ltd., situates in Rugao, specialized in automotive part mould making. Rugao has its geographic advantage, next to Shanghai, so it is very convenient for Meigao mould to export oversea market. Meigao Mould has strong and sophiscated expertise in mould design and production. We invested advanced facilities such as Neway CNCs, Faro Qua…
                Production Equipment
                Meigao Mould is continuing to invest facilities, at the moment, Meigao Mould possesses Neway Gantry CNCs, Faro QuantumM 3.5M Arm, 400T press for mould trial, and mould carriers, ect.
                • Cutting tool
                • Forming and cutting tool
                • Forming tool
                • foaming tool
                • Seat foaming tool
                • Water jet fixture
                • Checking fixture
                New mode of innovation marketing, fi…
                ew model of innovation marketing, first eat the first "crab" - "Omnitest free craftsmen" custom commercial platform on th… [ View the details ]
                CONTACT US
                If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to serve you very soon.

                Nantong Meigao Mould. Co., Ltd.