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                Welcome to Nantong Mei Gao Mould Co., Ltd.!
                About us
                LOCATION:HOME > About us

                Nantong Meigao Mould. Co. Ltd., situates in Rugao, specialized in automotive part mould making. Rugao has its geographic advantage, next to Shanghai, so it is very convenient for Meigao mould to export oversea market.  

                Meigao Mould has strong and sophiscated expertise in mould design and production. We invested advanced facilities such as Neway CNCs, Faro QuantumM CMM, drilling machines, milling machines, hydraulic press. At the moment, we are manufacturing all kind of moulds for automotive interior and exterior trims,  checking fixture, water jet fixture.  Widely used in parts production of ceiling, skylight board, carpet, seat, hood, front wall, Parcel shelf, coat rack, right and left side trim, door panel, wheel cover, engine under shield, front and rear GMT for automotive industry. 


                Our managing concept: Greater Technology, Nicer Quality

                All staff in Meigao Mould will take Integrity, hardworking, innovation as our purpose.

                In short, Meigao Mould sincerely cooperates with customers home and abroad with top products and top service.

                CONTACT US
                If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to serve you very soon.

                Nantong Meigao Mould. Co., Ltd.